Success Isn’t That Far Out of

Your Reach


Your’re not alone.

We sat down and chatted with some of our friends (businesses we know you’ve heard of!) and asked them how they got started.

Here’s what they had to say:


Case Study #1 - Abbey Ashley

7-Figure Business Owner of The Virtual Savvy (A course and membership)

Abbey started with services (a virtual assistant) back in 2013. She didn’t pivot to online education for three years. She agrees with us and says that services is not only the BEST way to start an online business, but the FASTEST and EASIEST way to make money online.

In fact, it was her service business that enabled her to land a client that ended up becoming a mentor for her that was pivotal for her future success.

Now, we bet you’d agree with us for most of this so far. But here’s where it gets even better. Remember how we believe every business should start with services? Well, we also believe that every service business should use referrals (not online traffic) to get booked out.

“Referrals, in my opinion, will always be the best form of marketing.”
— Abbey Ashley

Case Study #2

“I went from zero to $36,000 dollars a month in 6-months with a passive product because I first Started with Services.”

- Haley Burkhead, Scalability


Case Study #3 - Courtney Foster Donahue

7-Figure Business Owner (Courses, a membership, and Courtney TV)


“Before I created my online courses, I spent the better part of a year doing 1:1 coaching. I was resistant at first (big introvert here!), but I suspected that actually connecting one on one, at least for a period of time, would give me the data and info (and perspective) I needed to create the best possible courses for my clients.

It's one thing to *think* you know what your people need; it's another to hear them say it, hear the emotion in their voice, and pinpoint the ACTUAL problems and pain points before you try to solve them.

Just because you think you have your finger on the pulse of your audience's needs doesn't mean you do. Fortunately, I didn't have to learn that the hard way since I chose to work 1:1 with my would-be students first.

Now, I have a 7-figure business selling online courses, but what I learned doing coaching has made all the difference in both my course content, student success, and my ability to confidently sell my courses.”

“If you are wanting to create products or have an online presence in the future, you must start with services.”
— Courntey Foster Donahue

Case Study #4 - Natalie Franke

Director of Community at Honeybook and Founder of Rising Tide Society

Before Natalie saw a need for community in the creative space she ran her wedding photography business for eight years, grossing over six figures annually. Only after that did she launch the Rising Tide Society.

Natalie says that running a service based business was critical in establishing her as an entrepreneur and enabling her to plant roots in the small business space. It taught her the power of relationships, having a strong brand / reputation, and the impact that a dynamic client experience can have on creating a buzz about your business.

She says relationships were the key to her growth - she relied heavily on word of mouth and referrals from past clients + other professionals. Most of her couples heard about her from each wedding professional they visited in her hometown, so by the time they inquired... they were already certain they wanted her as their wedding photographer.

“Running a service-based business was critical in establishing me as an entrepreneur and enabling me to plant roots in the small business space.”
— Natalie Franke